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Manilla Road - Mark Of The Beast (9,5/10) - USA - 2002

Genre: Epic Metal
Label: Monster
Playing time: 66:05
Band homepage: Manilla Road


  1. Mark Of The Beast
  2. Court Of Avalon
  3. Avatar
  4. Dream Sequence
  5. Time Trap
  6. Black Lotus
  7. Teacher
  8. Aftershock
  9. Venusian Sea
  10. Triumvirate
Manilla Road - Mark Of The Beast
Hair by hair the holes of the re-releases of the MANILLA ROAD back catalogue grow together. Between their first two long players, the band recorded material, which should have been released under the title "Dreams Of Eschaton". However, the band around Mark Shelton thought over it and they locked the material away. Merely some tape-copies were released, and as bonus, a Greek Metal magazine pressed it on CD as enclosure.

Now, after about 20 years, the hymns are delivered re mastered via Monster Records and has the title "Mark Of The Beast". Those, who know the CD-bootleg with the both firstly long players "Metal/Invasion" of Reborn Classic Records, can't do something wrong with this CD. The songs are all influenced by old BLACK SABBATH and HAWKWIND and they are full of atmosphere and dramatic.

Provided that you can handle with Mark Shelton's snake charming vocals, everyone who likes experimentally 70s influenced Hard'n'Heavy sound will be pleased with this album. May The Lords Of Light Be With You! (Online March 24, 2003)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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