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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - JUNGLE ROT - Terror Regime

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Jungle Rot - Terror Regime (7/10) - USA - 2013

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Victory
Playing time: 34:33
Band homepage: Jungle Rot


  1. Voice Your Disgust
  2. Terror Regime
  3. Utter Chaos
  4. I Am Hatred
  5. Blind Devotion
  6. Scorn
  7. Rage Through the Wasteland
  8. Ruthless Omnipotence
  9. I Don't Need Society
  10. Carpet Bombing
  11. Pronounced Dead
Jungle Rot - Terror Regime

Whether these Kenosha, Wisconsin natives will ever shake off the inevitable "American BOLT THROWER" connotations is anybody's guess. What they lack in originality, however, they make up for in sheer bloody-minded determination to keep ploughing their chosen little furrow. It hasn't always been easy though, as the narrow confines of the band's traditional brand of Death Metal aren't necessarily conducive to the most dynamic output. Still, they give it a fair crack - something that their seventh full-length effort (and second for Victory Records) bears testament to.


It's business right from the get-go when the pounding (and surprisingly thrashy) "Voice Your Disgust" starts thundering from the speakers, and if the brisk tempo doesn't throw you a little off guard then the flurry of tasteful solos surely will. We're talking about the band's renowned ground 'n' pound style here, but with just a little bit more attention to detail than before. Things immediately settle into a more moderate tempo on the title track, which remains mid-paced throughout but benefits greatly from some subtle leads toward the end which imbue it with a fittingly dark vibe. "Utter Chaos", "I Am Hatred" and "Blind Devotion" all adhere to a very OBITUARY-like mid-paced groove assault which allows the rrhythm section to take center stage, especially during the subtle structural intricacies of the latter track.


It is at this point, however, that the album begins to hit a snag in terms of consistency, as songs like "Rage Through The Wasteland" and "I Don't Need Society" are basically of the filler variety. The latter has a strange tone to it, with the kind of melodic strains you'd expect on a (post) Hardcore song, but these are never explored since the song lasts barely 2 minutes. "Carpet Bombing" gets things back on track with perhaps the album's most devastating grooves (take note, SIX FEET UNDER), while "Pronounced Dead" finishes off the album in style - varied in terms of tempo, filled with punchy riffs and a nice thrashy break at the 2:16 mark.


"Terror Regime" is very much a typical JUNGLE ROT effort; a few great songs, a few OK ones, and a few fillers. In terms of production values this is easily the band's most pristine effort (it is LOUD and CLEAR!), but in terms of song-writing I'd place it below some of their earlier works like "Slaughter of the Weak" and "Dead and Buried". It's perfectly listenable, and occasionally very catchy, but overall it lacks that 'x' factor that makes for a truly great Metal album. Nonetheless, for a band that's been truckin' for almost 20 years, this is a solid effort that proves there's still enough fuel (as well as piss and vinegar) in the tank.




(Online March 15, 2013)

Neil Pretorius

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