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Wuthering Heights - To Travel For Evermore (8/10) - Denmark - 2003

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Sensory
Playing time: 57:06
Band homepage: Wuthering Heights


  1. Behind Tearstained Ice
  2. The Nevershining Stones
  3. Dancer In The Light
  4. Lost Realms
  5. Battle Of The Seasons
  6. A Sinner's Confession
  7. See Tomorrow Shine
  8. Through Within To Beyond
  9. River Oblivion
Wuthering Heights - To Travel For Evermore

For the second time the folks around mastermind Erik Ravn, named WUTHERING HEIGHTS, are presenting us an album. From Denmark they are, but with Kristian Andrén they have a Swedish singer and yes, he's been the original singer of TAD MOROSE!

Power Metal it is that they play, but they mix it with some progressive elements and a certain symphonic touch that differs from the usual Power Metal we get out there. But do not worry, WUTHERING HEIGHTS are not going Progressive Power Metal on us, they rather use it to loosen things up and put some more dynamics into the songs, which works very fine indeed, because despite using quite a few "common" elements, this quintet does not sound generic at all.

Through all of this even the longer compositions like the trio "Lost Realms", "Battle Of The Seasons" and "A Sinner's Confession" (each of which clock in at more than 8 minutes) never get stale or boring, but always throw in a fresh twist and turn to keep it all interesting, damn interesting in fact! Keyboards play a role in the WUTHERING HEIGHTS, but always only to complement the rest, never to take over.

It's really hard for me to pick out certain songs, because they all are forming a homogenous whole that still has all distinct characters as songs, like "The Nevershining Stones", "A Sinner's Confession", "See Tomorrow Shine", "Through Within To Beyond", all of them showing the different shadings of the WUTHERING HEIGHTS sound, all played flawlessly and with great melodies and arrangements.

So WUTHERING HEIGHTS should appeal to both Power and Progressive Metal fans alike and with the quality at hand on "To Travel For Evermore", combined with the great cover artwork and all, I can only recommend WUTHERING HEIGHTS' second effort. (Online March 30, 2003)

Alexander Melzer

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