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Ignorabimus - Dab Da Zorp (7/10) - Estonia - 2000

Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Guano
Playing time: 48:05
Band homepage: Ignorabimus


  1. Demonized
  2. A Mind's Escape
  3. Bazaar
  4. Drowning The Sun
  5. Anathema
  6. Zero Toleranza
  7. Ode To Joy
  8. Redemption
  9. Prayer
Ignorabimus - Dab Da Zorp
Gothic Doom Metal from Estonia is the law on "Dab Da Zorp", and please don't ask me what the title means, hehe.

But serious. The description off their homepage fits the music very well indeed, because they are moving mostly in slow- to mid-paced tempos and don't exactly sparkle with joy...

The songs are quite often borne by the melodic guitars and the melancholic atmosphere, with not-harsh Death Metal-vox alternating with a clean voice, what sometimes reminds me of the brilliant Israelis of ORPHANED LAND.

As tips I give you the opener "Demonized", the excellent "Anathema" and "Prayer" to go with. "Ode To Joy" also is worth mentioning, because suddenly in the middle there is a choir singing Beethoven's famous piece of the same name, in German...

Overall very nice to listen to, yet I am personally missing the certain something that makes IGNORABIMUS something special, yet a good foundation has been laid with "Dab Da Zorp".

Alexander Melzer

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