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Dew-Scented - Insurgent (6/10) - Germany - 2013

Genre: Thrash Metal / Death Metal
Label: Prosthetic Records
Playing time: 76:01
Band homepage: Dew-Scented


  1. Confronting Entropy
  2. Guided By The Dead Light
  3. Sadistic Sinner (INCUBUS Cover)
  4. Sworn To Obey (Live 2012)
  5. Turn To Ash (Live 2012)
  6. Soul Poison (Live 2012)
  7. Storm Within (Live 2012)
  8. Cities Of The Dead (Live 2012)
  9. Never To Return (Live 2012)
  10. Acts Of Rage (Live 2012)
  11. In Dying Mode
  12. Steady Decline (PRONG Cover)
  13. No Spiritual Surrender (INSIDE OUT Cover)
  14. Good Day For A Hanging (WASTED YOUTH Cover)
  15. The Storm (JUDGE Cover)
  16. Recall The Pain
  17. The Death Of Common Sense
  18. Slaughterhouse (POWERMAD Cover)
  19. Superstar Destroyer (GENOCIDE SUPERSTARS Cover)
Dew-Scented - Insurgent

While I’ve always enjoyed DEW-SCENTED to some extent or another, when the band announced they would be releasing a compilation of covers, live tracks, and a few new songs I wasn’t all that excited. While their last album, “Icarus,” remains as one of their best efforts, a compilation is usually a mixed bag. “Insurgent” is just that, a mixed bag.


Built as a release more geared for long time fans or those desperate to collect some rarities from the German extreme Thrashers, “Insurgent” has a variety material on the record. Although the promises of cover tracks would mean some intriguing spins with the band’s ferocious Death infused Thrash Metal, most of them are relatively lesser known tracks with few elements in the way of surprises. Sans a few times that would indicate “oh, this is a cover!” most of them sound like something DEW-SCENTED would have tacked on as B-side (and most of them were B-sides) on the last few records.


Along with that, the band incorporates some live tracks for fans. These just so happen to be the highlight of “Insurgent” has the band rips through some fan favorites (..and one of the best tracks off of the last album in “Storm Within”) with their pummeling riff focused attack and guttural roars. In a way, these tracks are strong enough I would have hoped for a few more of the classics to be done for “Insurgent” considering the strong recording and mix of the live sound. There is plenty of that to be had on this album though and it makes for a decent listen.


For the true fans though, it’s the three ‘new’ songs that grace the first three slots that will garner attention. While these songs are certainly strong Death/Thrash tracks with the bombarding bass drum work and flurried pacing, none of them seemed to be ones worth the price of a full record though. As a fan I quite enjoyed hearing them, but they were some pretty by the numbers DEW-SCENTED affairs with the SLAYER inspired riffing on “Guided By The Dead Light” and the slightly more melodic “Confronting Entropy.”


All in all, “Insurgent” is a solid effort for those already camping around the DEW-SCENTED name with its fun collection of rarities. It’s definitely not the kind of release that will have people clamoring for me though and it won’t win over anyone thinking of checking out the band. For those people, I suggest going back and listening to “Icarus.”


(Online July 13, 2013)

Matt Reifschneider

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