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Avulsed - Yearning For The Grotesque (8/10) - Spain - 2003

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Avantgarde Music
Playing time: 49:57
Band homepage: Avulsed


  1. Wormeaten
  2. Devourer Of The Dead
  3. Pale Red Blood
  4. Sick Sick Sex
  5. Daddy Stew
  6. I Feel Good… Eating Human Flesh
  7. Foetivorous Marriage
  8. Morbid Chef
  9. Cadaver Decapitado
  10. Decrepit Sigh
Avulsed - Yearning For The Grotesque

It's hard to believe it. Avantgarde usually only release bands playing some kind of mystical Black Metal… and here they offer us some AVULSED, a fat and brutal Death Metal band from Spain, whose name is already cult for the gore-addicts, and who are focusing on cannibalism and babies' livers. But after the surprise comes the time where you have to listen to the album, and then it's pure pleasure!

"Yearning For The Grotesque" is a great brutal Death Metal album, that doesn't sound like any other album. Without saying that AVULSED are that original, I have to admit that they have quite varied influences: "Pale Red Blood" has an oriental aspect, you can find Heavy Metal touches here and there, or some CANNIBAL CORPSE or MELEVOLENT CREATION aspects, etc etc. And those bastards have a big sound, a killer singer, and a very good technical level.

So nothing bad to say, except that the lyrics are very basic and so naïve. But in Death Metal, who cares about the lyrics?? So here you go, a very good album to put you in a good mood and make girls become wet! (Online April 26, 2003)

Thomas Bonnicel

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