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Godz At War - Postmortem (4/10) - Germany - 2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Heavy Metal Rock
Playing time: 45:55
Band homepage: Godz At War


  1. Intro/The Towers
  2. Enslaved
  3. Drown Insleep
  4. Inner Cave
  5. Restless, Atrocity, Intention
  6. Eternal God
  7. As Night Falls
  8. I Had A Dream
  9. Omniscient Silence
  10. Your River
Godz At War - Postmortem
Isn't it funny sometimes which ways bands and albums go? In the case of GODZ AT WAR we have a German band, releasing an album via a Brazilian label. And I honestly am not all that sure that it has been a too good idea to do so, because "Postmortem" is quite a few things, but overall not…good…

I know that this might sound a bit harsh, and it also is a bit too harsh overall, but the material at hand, as much as they try to vary with CREMATORY-like keyboards, melodies and standard Death Metal riffing and varying tempos, doesn't manage to form a cohesive whole. At times it almost feels as if these guy tried to be variable (which in itself is good, very good indeed) for variability's sake, trying too much, losing the focus in the song.

Consisting of (ex)members of bands like NIGHT-IN-GALES, IN BLACKEST VELVET and INCORPOREAL, GODZ AT WAR are offering us old demo songs, between six and eight years old, where I personally do not really see why they got released now, because there are so many young and coming bands that would deserve their material to be released, even more so as the overall not very impressive song material is further hindered by the production, which sees very harmless guitars, lacking most of the surely intended power, a bit bumpy drums and an overall not very well balanced sound, which does not really enhance the songs.

Don't get me wrong, the guys can play and they try a lot in terms of diversity and also have some really nice ideas, but still, did this have to be released on a CD? If it was meant to be an appetiser for any new recordings, then I am not sure at all, if "Postmortem" has succeeded, because I feel rather queasy after having it… (Online April 5, 2003)

Alexander Melzer

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