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Centuries - Taedium Vitae (6,5/10) - USA - 2013

Genre: Hardcore / Hardcore Punk
Label: Southern Lord Recordings
Playing time: 20:15
Band homepage: Centuries


  1. Incipit Tragoedia
  2. Caeruleus
  3. Gelu
  4. Metus
  5. Pessum Ire
  6. Tabeo
  7. Grave Cordibus
  8. Servisse
  9. Irrita
Centuries - Taedium Vitae


In most cases, rage is a focalized response. A tunnel vision reflex. Things go red and the blinders come up. Anger sets its target, aims and fires. Pending on whose finger is pulling the trigger, rage can quickly result in endgame.


West Palm, Florida’s CENTURIES are a Hardcore band with plenty of rage issues. They mash d-beat venom into hanging racks of sludgy, crusty Punk and they force their listener to swallow it all, bones and fat and all. Their vitriol is nothing new in the realm of the righteous pissed, nor is their metalized Hardcore scheme anything too unique. Rather, CENTURIES turn to atmosphere, turn up the feedback, and give their debut album, “Taedium Vitae,” one malicious paintjob.


Thanks to the album’s abundant and expert usage of echoing distortion, the nine tracks of “Taedium Vitae” bridge together, starting with the entirely effects-ridden opener, “Incipit Tragoedia,” and into “Caeruleus,” an exemplary starting point for the band’s scratched-out style, but nothing overly dynamic or liable to provoke. That job belongs to the next track, “Gelu,” a rampaging jump-kicker of a song that showcases the band’s affinity for percussive warfare and oil-laced melody.



CENTURIES’ often grim and blistered Punk reminds of acts like UNKIND, HESSIAN, and THE SECRET, mixing in icy gusts of Blackened tremolo riffing and generally crashing forward. While tempo variety isn’t a typical Hardcore strongpoint, it would have helped “Taedium Vitae.” The handful of moments that the band do opt to slow the pace emerge as album highlights, notably the closing riff to “Irrita” and the thumping bridge section of “Pessum Ire.”


A bit more distinction and a few more explosive moments would have made this album a game-changer. As it stands, CENTURIES’ debut is a promising one. Bitterly incensed, this is Punk draped in primitive darkness.


(Online July 24, 2013)

Evan Mugford

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