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Solace - Further (8/10) - USA - 2001

Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Meteor City
Playing time: 59:54
Band homepage: Solace


  1. Man Dog
  2. Black Unholy Ground
  3. Followed
  4. Whistle Pig
  5. Hungry Mother
  6. Angels Dreaming
  7. Suspicious Tower
  8. Heavy Birth/2 Fisted
Solace - Further
Ultra-heavy riffs are opening the reign of SOLACE. The US-boys have dedicated themselves to Doom and vocally they are following the same direction. The riffs are pretty obviously of the CATHEDRAL/BLACK SABBATH-vein, but what makes SOLACE differ are the fits of rage that can be found in almost every song.

Here the vocals remind me a little of Kory Clarke (WARRIOR SOUL). SOLACE are rocking the place and write accessible songs beyond the easy listening-stuff. That means that you cannot listen to such intense and original songs in the background! Could even be something for tolerant MONSTER MAGNET-fanatics. I guess that you can very well smoke some grass to this music, but I do NOT want to encourage anybody.

I rather drink a beer or two and listen to these Doom-steam-rollers "unstoned".

Ralf Henn

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