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Metalium - Millennium Metal-Chapter One (8,5/10) - Germany - 1999

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Massacre Records
Playing time: 58:50
Band homepage: Metalium


  1. Circle Of Fate
  2. Fight
  3. Dream Of Doom
  4. Break The Spell
  5. Revelation
  6. Metalium
  7. Metamorphosis
  8. Void Of Fire
  9. Free Forever
  10. Strike Down The Heathen
  11. Pilgrimage
  12. Metalians
  13. Smoke On The Water
  14. Burning
Metalium - Millennium Metal-Chapter One
Prior to the release of their debut, METALIUM already have had quite some media-exposure: supergroup, SAVATAGE's Chris Caffery's new band and so on. But as the saying "Let the music do the talking" still goes, let's put all of that out of our mind and concentrate on the most important thing: the music.

"Fight" opens up the album, fast, melodic, Power Metal is the name. Besides Henne Basse's (ex-BRAINSTORM) great vocals, especially Mike Terrana's (Ex-everything Jörg Michael had not done) powerful drumming sticks to your memory, the guitar-work is above any doubts anyway.

METALIUM are a mixture between the two genres of Power Metal, European and American, what is a welcome difference in the age of HAMMERFALL-soundalikes. Be it steamhammer-tracks with slightly distorted vocals ("Void Of Fire"), emotional and balladesque songs ("Metamorphosis") or epic stuff like "Free Forever" you can find everything and, as I think, in great quality as well, so what would you hope for more?

But the icing on the cake is the cover-version of DEEP PURPLE's classic "Smoke On The Water", which has been metalized by the band and just sounds great! Or have you ever heard that track with double-bass-drums?

Despite all criticism, "Millennium Metal - Chapter One" is a Power Metal-album you just have to love!

Alexander Melzer

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