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Illnath - Cast Into Fields Of Evil Pleasure (8/10) - Denmark - 2003

Genre: Black Metal
Label: World Chaos Production
Playing time: 39:38
Band homepage: Illnath


  1. Zetite
  2. Behind The Mirrors
  3. Cast Into Fields Of Evil Pleasure
  4. Temporary Borders
  5. The Creators Biggest Pride
  6. Gloomy Gathering
  7. Bring Down The Witching Hour
  8. By The Hands Of Violent Winter
  9. Frozen Constellations
Illnath - Cast Into Fields Of Evil Pleasure
ILLNATH had been founded as FLAGELLATION in 1997. That time, the Danish sounded more of the 80s, then they decided to raise the banner of Melodic Black Metal. And that's pretty good.

They have a good hand for melodies and they vary skilfully between furious and impressive parts. All indegrients for a well-made Black Metal brew are given. Guttural shrieks, Spoken Word passages, female vocals, jingling riffs, tempo variations and much keys magic! We already got this with CRADLE OF FILTH, DIMMU BORGIR, EMBRACED, OLD MAN'S CHILD, STORMLORD, GRAVEWORM and so on...

In a technical view, ILLNATH are not worse as the forecalled, unfortunately they appear a bit too late. Mockers claim, that the good days are over for Symphonic Black, but "Cast Into Fields Of Evil Pleasure" is a sure tip for every fan of this genre, because I didn't listen to such a great Black Metal record for a long time! (Online April 11, 2003)

Ralf Henn

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