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Usurper - Twilight Dominion (9/10) - USA - 2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Earache
Playing time: 58:48
Band homepage: Usurper


  1. Metal Lust
  2. Struggle Of Tyrants
  3. She Devil
  4. Godless And Lycanthropic
  5. I Am Usurper
  6. Golem
  7. The Descent
  8. Utopian Nightmare
  9. Invincible Overlords
  10. Vatican Time Machine
  11. The Oath Of Silence
  12. Perpetual Twilight
Usurper - Twilight Dominion
Uuuh, the CELTIC FROST-worshippers from Chicago are back. Their fourth longplayer "Twilight Dominion" is a wet dream for all friends of good old school thrashing ala CELTIC FROST, aber auch SLAUGHTER or MESSIAH. While the mighty FROST are omniscient…

Despite the opener "Metal Lust" has a mean VENOM touch and could also be from GODDESS OF DESIRE. The ideal hymn to slaughter some posers! "The Struggle Of Tyrants" is a true demon with rolling bass drums and a menacing Doom riff! Divine! This song is just mighty and shines over anything on this album, while the other songs, too, sound very convincing…

Like the hard to digest "She Devil", which is pretty hectic and rather reminds of a mix from STRAPPING YOUNG LAD with Cronos vocals. Surprising the very melodic middle part, which reminds of "Seasons On The Abyss" of SLAYER! Or a smoker like "Perpetual Twilight" is just a divine present in terms of Death Metal, where most bands hardly can be called apart! But USURPER you can hear out at once! Or "The Descent" starts with a Doom riff and Spanish guitars before a brilliant solo sets in and the double bass are hammering, after that a typical SLAYER riff - that goes off! The riffs here even remind me a bit of Black Metal…Cool! Only the super fast track "Invincible Overlords" cannot fully convince, but has its moments!

Who really believes that Tomas Gabriel Fischer will manage to set up a worthy CELTIC FROST comeback album? I don't, USURPER catapult the FROST sound into the here and now, spiced up with many ideas, new impulses and Eighties quotes. They are the only legitimate CELTIC FROST successors!!! Uuh! (Online April 19, 2003)

Ralf Henn

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