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Paradox - Collision Course (8/10) - Germany - 2000

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: AFM Records
Playing time: 57:17
Band homepage: Paradox


  1. Decade Of Sorrow
  2. Collision Course
  3. Rearrange The Past
  4. Path Of Denial
  5. Saviour
  6. Blamed For Nothing
  7. Prostitution Of Society
  8. Shattered Illusions
  9. Sadness
  10. Overshadowed
  11. Dynamite
Paradox - Collision Course
Holy Shit! Roast me a stork (for veggies also possible: corn cobs or tofu, for more brutal gourmets also a complete pig)! The "old gentlemen" of PARADOX are together again, strengthened by the Holzwarth-brothers (formerly with SIEGES EVEN) and the Power/Thrash that this Würzburg/Munich-combination fires out of my speakers really catches my attention, even though I normally don't exactly like Thrash.

After the intro, which you seem to HAVE to have nowadays, the title-track "Collision Course" sets a first exclamation mark, with finest Power/Thrash and a great riff that brings you under its spell immediately. That's what I call a good start indeed!

But also after this first highlight the quartet around Charly Steinhauer proves that Power/Thrash can be very varied, too. No matter, if in mid-paced regions ("Rearrange The Past"), fast power/thrashy ("Path Of Denial", "Shattered Illusions") or highly melodious, with all heaviness ("Saviour"), everything possess a class that makes you more than just listen up.

"Blamed For Nothing" even nearly reaches the top-class of the opener, Power/Thrash with tons of melody and even some acoustic guitars towards the end, great!

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention the bonus-track "Dynamite", which brings you the SCORPIONS in a heaviness you've never heard from them in their long career!

"Collision Course" is a more than classy come-back that will catapult PARADOX into the upper echelons of the German Metal from the stand!

Alexander Melzer

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