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Destinity - Under The Smell Of Chaos (5/10) - France - 2003

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Adipocere
Playing time: 42:00
Band homepage: Destinity


  1. Introspection
  2. Under The Smell Of Chaos
  3. Daemonity
  4. Enter My Nightmare
  5. Evil Moon
  6. Glutted Wargasm
  7. Psychose
  8. As The Disease We Shall Spread
  9. Hymn For Minas Morgul
  10. An Astral Travel (Through The Gloomy Ocean Of Sadness)
  11. Dominus Satanas
  12. Video Track (Live At Salon de Provence)
Destinity - Under The Smell Of Chaos
A pentagram on the cover, a pentagram on the CD, a pentagram appears when you put in the CD into a computer, six gentlemen that apparently played with some make up, so what do we expect? Exactly what we get: Black Metal.

DESTINITY are yet another Black Metal band from France and I am not impressed… Keyboards bring in a light symphonic element, while the music mostly is mid paced to very fast Black Metal, with a partly quite limited amount of melodies and the vocals of Mick definitely are not my thing, a quite shrill shriek with some "regular" Death Metal vocals and a bit of garglegrunt, plus a few kind of clean-ish vocal parts by Morteus, which are not all that bad, but still, I've heard a lot better, also in Black Metal.

The guys can play and the production is not bad either, just in the blast passages I miss a bit of structure and variety in those, just pure straight blasting has never been my thing and never will be either. The more riff oriented parts definitely cater to my more, but there again the voice destroys much of the atmosphere that is created, those shriekers are just getting on my nerves after a while…

The best song by far is the almost 9 minute "Evil Moon", which has some good clean vocals and an atmosphere that shows that CRADLE OF FILTH are not completely unknown in and around Villeurbanne… And the beginning of "As The Disease We Shall Spread" has some "Phantom Of The Opera" in its keyboards.

And the bonus video shows a live version of "Glutted Wargasm", which is a regular shot from one video cam, where you can see a few folks at the front going berserk with headbanging and a little pit, while the rest is standing there rather unaffected…

DESTINITY have some good ideas, so not all hope is lost, but after listening to "Under The Smell Of Chaos" I have to ask, what they think they have to offer that will make them stand out from the broiling dark mass of Black Metal bands… So far I have to say that I do not know… (Online April 9, 2003)

Alexander Melzer

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