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Einherjer - Far Far North (9/10) - Norway - 1997

Genre: Viking Metal
Label: Century Media (USA)
Playing time: 20:16
Band homepage: Einherjer


  1. Far Far North
  2. Naar Hammeren Heves
  3. Naar Aftensolen Rinner
Einherjer - Far Far North
A wise man once stated: "EINHERJER are the true kings and 'Dragons Of The North' is their crown!" Well, if that is the case, then "Far Far North" is the large, beautiful, glistening gem, located right in the middle of that crown for all enemies to see and fear. I consider "Far Far North" a companion to "Dragons Of The North." No, it wasn't recorded in the same sessions, but it could have easily blended in, and not many would have noticed.

This time around, we have one brand spanking new track entitled "Far Far North," which contains a wonderful contrast between aggressive growled parts and melodic choral parts, and two songs which were previously available as a single, now re-recorded in the same session as the title track. Even though I haven't heard the original versions of the redone tracks, I think they stand on their own as two excellent Viking tunes. All I can say is that these songs (all three of them, LOL) are amazing! Dare I say they are even more melodic than "Dragons Of The North"? The keyboard use has been upped a couple notches, and Rune's vocals have even improved. The song writing is what you'd expect from the kings of Viking Metal; folk melodies, acoustic passages, lyrics about Norse Mythology.

Every time I listen, I get images of Vikings riding across the fields, getting ready to kick my ass! That's how music should be!

Raw and epic!

Joshua Drover

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