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Lynch Mob - Revolution (5/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Deadline Records
Playing time: 60:41
Band homepage: Lynch Mob


  1. Toot And Nail
  2. Tangled In The Web
  3. All I Want
  4. Kiss Of Death
  5. She's Evil But She's Mine
  6. Relax
  7. Cold Is The Heart
  8. Breaking The Chains
  9. When Darkness Calls
  10. River Of Love
  11. Wicked Sensation
  12. Paris Is Burning
  13. The Secret
Lynch Mob - Revolution
Having never listened much to the pomp Rock/Metal of George Lynch's previous band DOKKEN (for those that don't know or for that matter don't care, DOKKEN where a big US Hard Rockin' band that gained success in the 1980's) I wasn't looking for fireworks from Lynch's solo offering.

Mixing old DOKKEN and LYNCH MOB tracks and re-recording them for this release is a teaser for a new and upcoming LYNCH MOB album. And to be honest I was expecting solid, melodic Hard Rock and Metal done US style and I am not left disappointed.

Whether any of these tracks are considered genre-defining classics is totally unknown to me but if you like your Metal in the same vein as SKID ROW, CINDERELLA, WARRANT etc then LYNCH MOB will already be familiar to you. Perhaps a bit heavier than the originals the guitar playing of Lynch is without question excellent, the production clean and fresh with the vocal talents of the returning Robert Mason a significant high point. However this record is not going to suddenly turn you into an old school Yank Hard Rock fan. Sorry, but this music is firmly in the hands of a few hardcore 80's Rock survivors. I've no doubt that in the USA LYNCH MOB might well sell a few units of this but where this sits with us Europeans is open to debate.

It's hard to criticize a record that is skilfully played and produced. An album that contains good rockin' songs like "Tooth And Nail", "Tangled In The Web" and "Kiss Of Death" but ultimately remind you of a bygone era. There's nothing much wrong but there again if you're not a fan of 80's US Metal and Hard Rock you're not going to start on the strength of this.

However it's a good attempt at introducing new fans to already bloodied songs. (Online November 10, 2003)

Chris Doran

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