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Holy Terror - Terror And Submission (9,5/10) - USA - 1987/1998

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Music For Nations/Powerage
Playing time: 42:24
Band homepage: -


  1. Black Plague
  2. Evil's Rising
  3. Blood Of The Saints
  4. Mortal Fear
  5. Guardians Of The Netherworld
  6. Distant Calling
  7. Terror And Submission
  8. Tomorrow's End
  9. Alpha Omega - The Bringer Of Balance
Holy Terror - Terror And Submission
After leaving AGENT STEEL, guitar player Kurt Kilfelt (on AGENT STEEL's "Skeptics Apokalypse" falsely named as Kurt Colfelt) founded his own band HOLY TERROR. After a 3 song demo, HOLY TERROR released their first longplayer "Terror And Submission" via Music For Nations.

Similar to AGENT STEEL, an extraordinary kind of Speed Metal is ruling here. Besides the three demo songs "Black Plague", "Distant Calling" and "Guardians Of The Netherworld", the remaining six songs can convince, too. Technical flawless, out and out fast Metal with intelligent breaks, like it's an exception at that time (and today).

Unfortunately the production, which was made by Kurt, is disadvantegous as well as his former band. Apart from that, I must say that the music is a bit more thrashy than AGENT STEEL and Keith Deens' slightly guttural vocals aren't to compare with an exceptional singer like John Cyris. Otherwise an album, which belongs to the best of the best. (Online April 12, 2003)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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