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Exumer - Possessed By Fire/Rising From The Sea (9 / 7/10) - Germany - 1986/1987/1998

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Rock Machine
Playing time: 72:27
Band homepage: -


Possessed By Fire:
  1. Possessed By Fire
  2. Destructive Solution
  3. Fallen Saint
  4. A Mortal In Black
  5. Sorrows Of The Judgement
  6. Xiron Darkstar
  7. Reign Of Sadness
  8. Journey To Oblivion
  9. Silent Death
Rising From The Sea:
  1. Winds Of Death
  2. Rising From The Sea
  3. Decimation
  4. The First Supper
  5. Unearthed
  6. Shadows Of The Past
  7. Are You Deaf?
  8. I Dare You
  9. Ascension Day
Exumer - Possessed By Fire/Rising From The Sea
And another Thrash Metal classic! After the "A Mortal In Black" demo, the German brutal Thrashers EXUMER unleashed their debut album "Possessed By Fire" in 1986. You get 9 times violently extreme banger stuff on this album, released via Disaster Records (e.g. ANGEL DUST, MANDATOR).

The guys from Hessen act in the manner of "We Have Arrived"/"Bonded By Blood"-Manier. EXUMER thrashed their high energy shells into the crowd alike DARK ANGEL or EXODUS, that means: rough, heavy and fast, without drifting into chaos.

The songs have their emphasis on handy structures and memorability. Hammers like "Fallen Saint", "Xiron Darkstar", "Reign Of Sadness" or "Possessed By Fire" don't want to go away of your mind latest after the second spin. Another plus is the original voice of fronter Mem vom Stein. (9 points)

One year later the band presented the successor "Rising From The Sea". Many things happened in the meantime. For example, Mem vom Stein wasn't in the band anymore. His successor Paul Arakaris sounded like Tom Araya (SLAYER) and the music, what a miracle, sounded also very SLAYER-like.

Though the album was good again, but the great hymns like on the predecessor were gone. After a short tour with NASTY SAVAGE and ATOMKRAFT the band dissolved and it was the very early end of one of the most hopeful bands. (7 points) (Online April 14, 2003)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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