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Trance - Power Infusion (8,5/10) - Germany - 1983/1994

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Rockport
Playing time: 37:11
Band homepage: Trance


  1. Heavy Metal Queen
  2. Rockstar
  3. Children Of Illusion
  4. Glasshouse
  5. SLD (Dedicated To MCE)
  6. Shokpower
  7. Burn Your Lies
  8. Sensation
  9. Storm And Thunder
Trance - Power Infusion
In one of the last polls I stood very high in the esteem of our webzine with an impressive 1%. For this great result I want to thank this one reader and his pet. And for you out there I have this review.

TRANCE from Edenkoben released their second album in 1983 and it showed a dramatic improvement to the debut "Break Out". To say one thing right away, who doesn't know anything about TRANCE, and that should be most among you, the guys played pure, straight Heavy Metal of typical German heritage, without superfluous frills and decoration, just straight from the heart, so to say.

Simple, great riffs, thundering drums, pumping bass and the shrill voice of Lothar Antoni, which at times almost sounds like an out of tune church organ, and the great melodies make this album a true highlight of "Made in Germany".

RHAPSODY and BLIND GUARDIAN fans will vomit their soul out after listening to pearls like the fast "Heavy Metal Queen", the hymnic "Rockstar", the balladesque (in the chorus, though, fast) "SLD (Dedicated To MCE)" or the great stomper "Sensation", but does this interest the true steelheart? No, not in the least! (Online April 20, 2003)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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