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Thy Majestie - The Lasting Power (8/10) - Italy - 2000

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Scarlet Records
Playing time: 54:40
Band homepage: Thy Majestie


  1. Thy Majestie Theme
  2. Wings Of Wind
  3. March Of The Damned
  4. Under Siege
  5. Name Of Tragedy
  6. Durnovaria
  7. ...At The Village
  8. Mystery Of Forest
  9. Cruenta Pugna
  10. The Green Lands
  11. Sword Of Justice
  12. Tears Of Sorrow
  13. Treachery
  14. Nymph's Recall
  15. Time To Battle
Thy Majestie - The Lasting Power
Accused of being nothing more than a RHAPSODY-copy, celebrated as a new star on the Power/Speed-firmament: THY MAJESTIE. Originally named THY MAJESTY they had to change their name, but they coldly turned their back on any rules of spelling and mistreated the majesty...

But nobody has sold albums with spelling alone. Surely one cannot denounce the Italian sextet of a certain affinity to their country-mates' music, yet there is more to it, even though they're still far enough away from being a "sensation" to really being confused with one.

Epic, melodic Power/Speed is interspersed with classical and medieval interludes and sometimes you even have grand choirs that remind you more of THERION than RHAPSODY. Tracks like the great "Under Siege", "Sword Of Justice" or "Time To Battle" clearly show that there is a possible co-existence with RHAPSODY, even in the overflowing Italian scene, and a ballad like "Treachery", sparsely instrumented, but the more effective by just that, cannot yet be found within the back-catalogue of the Triestines. And the medieval (instead of folky) influences, which come along either in instruments, melodies or samples, also make THY MAJESTIE differ enough.

In the end everybody has to decide for him/herself, if they are a copy or a sensation, but for sure the truth lies somewhere in between and in the broiling mass of comparable bands they have at least the sword-arm far above the surface!

Alexander Melzer

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