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Neglected Fields - Mephisto Lettonica (8,5/10) - Latvia - 2000

Genre: Progressive Death Metal
Label: Scarlet Records
Playing time: 43:57
Band homepage: Neglected Fields


  1. Solar
  2. The Spider's Kiss
  3. Whatever That Tempts
  4. Feral Garden
  5. Presentiment
  6. The Human Abstract
  7. Creaturesque
  8. Once Carcass Is Cold...
  9. Outro
Neglected Fields - Mephisto Lettonica
They have been compared to CYNIC, to ATHEIST and several others, the Latvians of NEGLECTED FIELDS. I don't know their debut "Synthinity", but should it be even only remotely comparable to "Mephisto Lettonica", then those praises just have to be deserved.

On their second album the quintet from the Baltic Sea celebrates a true fireworks of technical Death Metal. Heavy and demanding passages meet melodic and emotional parts, weave classic and atmospheric influences into their sound, thus creating a complex sound-edifice that still retains the necessary accessibility and doesn't fall into the abyss of complexity.

It is almost impossible to pick out one special track, because none doesn't sound as an other, original, if not fully unique, yet very close, the Latvians weave a net of equally virtuoso and heavy music that you barely can elude. And the high level of musicianship should just as well make some musicians stow away and sell their instruments...

Alexander Melzer

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