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Dim Mak - Intercepting Fist (6/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: Deathcore
Label: Mighty Music
Playing time: 43:22
Band homepage: Dim Mak


  1. Phoenix Eye Fist
  2. Tai Pan Snake Venom
  3. Komodo Whip
  4. Shambling
  5. Mindgate
  6. Den Of The Avalanche Dragon
  7. Interceptor
  8. Climbing Knife Moutain
  9. Nine Head Serpentine Sire
  10. Essence Of The Northern Fist
  11. To The Negative Power
Dim Mak - Intercepting Fist
God knows why, but "Intercepting Fist" has been recorded already two years ago, and still it's getting released only now by Mighty Music, a young Danish label who wants to kick some ass! That said, this album doesn't sound old or out-of-date, and this delay has allowed them to add a bonus track, in the person of "To The Negative Power"…

Else, DIM MAK play some kind of fat Deathcore, in which can be found the o so many classic influences of MORBID ANGEL and HATE ETERNAL (by the way, the producer here is none other than Erik Rutan), mixed with more East coast Hardcore influences. Maybe it's because their singer will make you think of some kind of 'Bronx'-tattooed version of Barney Greenway?

Anyway, "Intercepting Fist" is quite easy to listen to, but it doesn't mean either that you'll especially want some more of it, because even if the energy is there, the overall interest is quite limited, and you won't have the biggest hard-on of your life… (Online May 1, 2003)

Thomas Bonnicel

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