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Wizzard - Black Heavy Metal (8/10) - Finland - 2001

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Gutter Records
Playing time: 46:19
Band homepage: Wizzard


  1. Black Heavy Metal
  2. Maleficium 1590
  3. The Tell-Tale Heart
  4. Red Eyes In The Night
  5. Soul Of A Devil
  6. Under The Eastern Sun
  7. Friday The Thirteenth
  8. 54 Stakes
  9. The Grandmaster's Curse
Wizzard - Black Heavy Metal
Finnish WIZZARD (with two "Z") are back! This time they could improve both in the production- and the guitar-department! Their hymnic 80's-Metal almost conjures up images of the old days. The only thing that truly has stayed the same are the boozy vocals of fronter Teemu. Mangy as always!

WIZZARD nowadays are a bit more powerful and melodic and as already mentioned the guitar-work has grown more faceted. Smashers like the title-track, the fantastic "Maleficium 1590", the slow-paced "The Tell-Tale Heart" or "Friday The 13th" all are highlights of this album. The others songs never get below a certain level, so you can call "Black Heavy Metal" a very good headbanger-Metal-record!

Retro or not, I do not care, as long as it makes the ground rumble and the songs are good!

Ralf Henn

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