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Sorg - Enigma Grotesque (8/10) - Norway - 2000

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Scarlet Records
Playing time: 48:19
Band homepage: -


  1. Vobiscum
  2. Lock Me Under
  3. And Yours Shall Be Mine
  4. Reach Me
  5. A Perilous Quest
  6. Enigma Grotesque
  7. Tears Of Oblivion
  8. The Supreme Below
Sorg - Enigma Grotesque
Progressive Gothic Metal with a light Black Metal-touch. I think that this category fits SORG, which I haven't known before. The subtlety and the high technical level that this Norwegian band showcases here sometimes reminds me of a heavier and Black Metal-ish version of DREAM THEATER.

Good song-writing, varied drumming, brilliant riffs (mastering the walk on the razor's edge between too simple and too overladen). Absolute highlights ("Vobiscum") are alternating with calmer tracks, which here and there also contain orchestral parts. A clean vocalist and the classic Black Metal-growler share the vocal duties with a female singer, whose voice sends shivers down my spine (reminding me a little of the old ORPHANAGE).

Should this be the debut of SORG; I'll prophesy a bright future (So if it were the second - which it in fact is - you wouldn't? - Alex) This album is not only recommended to Black Metal-fans, but everybody, who likes good quality music. To keep space for future works, I present SORG with a Yes-torty (as they're not here, I've taken it on me to eat it already) and 8 points. Buy it!

Manuel Inhester

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