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Dark Gamballe - Merizo Nanen (8/10) - Czech Republic - 2002

Genre: Gothic Rock
Label: Redblack Productions
Playing time: 42:21
Band homepage: Dark Gamballe


  1. Maer Sofiz Maer Torez
  2. Tatadada Tada Datada
  3. Mury
  4. Durhu
  5. Proti Vetru
  6. Merizo Nanen
  7. Nohy Jsou Tezky
  8. Dezten Digimeno
  9. Plochy Ze Dvou Skel
  10. Kofer
  11. Zemetky
Dark Gamballe - Merizo Nanen
From DARK came DARK GAMBALLE and from Death Metal maniacs we got Psycho Cyber Metallers, who are around since 1992 and again challenge their fans quite a bit. "Merizo Nanen" is a weird and at times confusing plant with some thorns and will take a few rotations until it will go through with the majority of the interested listenership. But then without mercy.

The altogether 11 tracks are traditionally performed in their native tongue, which does not make the whole thing exactly easier at the beginning. Add to that the use of weird to spacey synthesizer sounds and also the ice cold atmosphere of a flute, which will kill all hope for life. Lost in the infinity of space you only hear the hypnotising voice of 10 and the dark music of his companions, who time and again produce tormented and menacing sounds with their instruments. But DARK GAMBALLE thankfully never get too experimental, so "Mury", the title track, "Dezten Digimeno" and "Kofer" rock almost everything into the ground and after the already mentioned time to get used to it, they get better and better. DARK GAMBALLE obviously feel comfortable in the neighbourhood of NINE INCH NAILS, GODFLESH, STATIC-X, TYPE O NEGATIVE, PARADISE LOST or also DEPECHE MODE and thus should also be able to cater to some fans from very various genres and bring them some variable hours.

A big part in the success of "Merizo Nanen" definitely plays the powerful production, because through this it really gets the all-encompassing power and thunders nicely through your speakers. The guitars shred brutally and mightily, the bass pumps relaxedly in the background and the man behind the drums won't need to work out for a few years. Filled with electronic excerpts from a time far in the future, devoid of humankind album number six won't let you out of its grip that quickly anymore.

A remarkable sign of life of DARK GAMBALLE and even though they might tread a more commercial path with their newer material, so "Merizo Nanen" is worth every cent and also satisfied demanding listeners. Maybe just because the original execution and the strange mix of sounds, which definitely are not generic. (Online May 10, 2003)

Alexander Ehringer

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