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American Dog - Last Of A Dying Breed (7,5/10) - USA - 2000

Genre: Heavy Rock
Label: Outlaw Recordings
Playing time: 43:53
Band homepage: American Dog


  1. Barely Half Alive
  2. Drinkin' About You
  3. Drank Too Much
  4. Dog's Life
  5. Last Of A Dying Breed
  6. TV Disease
  7. Be A Man
  8. Under The Blade
  9. Straight Jacket/Dwight Fry
  10. She Had It Comin' (Live)
American Dog - Last Of A Dying Breed
One look at the cover and the song titles and you know what to expect from AMERICAN DOG: Pure Rock'n'Roll, earthy, straight forward, with a "have fun while you're still living" attitude, you don't need to switch on your brain to enjoy the songs of "Last Of A Dying Breed".

The trio around former SALTY DOG Michael Hannon definitely knows how to write songs that go straight to your blood without much a-do, you can sing along with them right from the spot, with solid riffing, good drive and Hannon's down and dirty voice, which fits perfectly, the lyrics do not care about political correctness either, so party stuff par excellence and also in biker bar AMERICAN DOG should work very well indeed.

"Drank Too Much" is a remnant of Hannon's SALTY DOG days, but that does not show, it fits in with the other energetic Rock songs that here have a little Blues to them, there a bit of Southern Rock and some country overtones can be overheard, too, which adds the right spice to the songs, which are just plain fun and are the ideal thing for a live environment.

So searchers for intricate and complex structures, orchestral arrangement and multi layered vocals, circle "Last Of A Dying Breed" widely, because this is where it gets down and dirty, you can smell the dust of the road and hear the sand crunching between your teeth. Good stuff! (Online April 28, 2003)

Alexander Melzer

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