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American Dog - Six Pack: Songs About Drinkin' And Fuckin' (7,5/10) - USA - 2001

Genre: Heavy Rock
Label: Outlaw Recordings
Playing time: 38:13
Band homepage: American Dog


  1. D-N-F
  2. Drinkin' About You
  3. Too Damn Sober
  4. Just An Alcoholic
  5. Drank Too Much
  6. I'll Drink To That
American Dog - Six Pack: Songs About Drinkin' And Fuckin'
Ok, if you have read my other reviews about AMERICAN DOG and take a look at the EP title, then you definitely know what to expect here, this is no fantasy, no love stories, but Rock straight from the "Guide book to alcoholism".

And if that is not enough, then the booklet says: "Recorded live…with a few of our closest friends, ten cases of beer and a couple of bottles of JACK…", so AMERICAN DOG live it is, having fun. And you can hear it quite clearly. They just play off the bat, easily memorable, great to sing along, even if you still have some blood in your alcohol, energetic, perfect for a party or a biker meeting for sure.

As politically incorrect as it can be, snotty, direct, straight forward, just like the music, their very own brand of earthy Heavy Rock, with elements from Blues and Southern in it, even with a love song ("Drinking' About You")!

So when you search for honest and earthbound Rock with street attitude, AMERICAN DOG are all yours! (Online April 28, 2003)

Alexander Melzer

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