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Pyramid - Gaudi's Legacy (5,5/10) - Spain - 2002

Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Locomotive Music
Playing time: 66:21
Band homepage: -


  1. Born Gaudi
  2. Sons Of Gaudi
  3. Art Takes Word
  4. Sister Sona
  5. La Pedrera
  6. The Architect Of God
  7. The Güell's Dragons - Part I
  8. The Güell's Dragons - Part II
  9. The Güell's Dragons - Part III
  10. Welcome To The Community WTHC
  11. Requiem Gaudi
Pyramid - Gaudi's Legacy
Another second chance CD, "Gaudi's Legacy" of Spanish PYRAMID. Their 2001 album "The Immaculate Lie" had not been among my favourites, to say the least, especially vocally, but as I once said, every band deserves at least a second chance, so…

OK, my main gripes had been for one the voice of Javier Cespedes, which I had not liked very much, some colleagues even kindly asked the band to forbid him to ever use a microphone again, which was somewhat rude, though, but here it fits better for sure. Oh, he still is not among my favourites, but he doesn't try to reach the highest spheres all the time anymore, so is far less unnerving.

The other one had been the far too progressive songwriting, meaning abstract solo orgies with little flow and harmony and that is something that has not changed at all with "Gaudi's Legacy", unfortunately. This still looks like music for musicians in many places, with tweakings and fuddlings and stuff that still make my ears look around in puzzlement at the weird sounds assaulting them, hoping for the song… Only the three part "The Güell's Dragons" is kind of ok with them, just like the very majestic closing instrumental "Requiem Gaudi", without a doubt my favourite!

"Gaudi's Legacy" is a concept album about the life of Spanish artist Antonio Gaudi, which is a nice twist for sure, but those solo orgies just don't do it for me! "Gaudi" is a Bavarian word for "fun", but this one, at least to me, definitely is not. Great musicianship, but the songs are suffering, so this is No-Alex-Prog. Sorry… (Online May 3, 2003)

Alexander Melzer

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