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Exodus - Bonded By Blood (10/10) - USA - 1985

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Music For Nations
Playing time: 41:01
Band homepage: Exodus


  1. Bonded By Blood
  2. Exodus
  3. And Then There Were None
  4. A Lesson In Violence
  5. Metal Command
  6. Piranha
  7. No Love
  8. Deliver Us To Evil
  9. Strike Of The Beast
Exodus - Bonded By Blood
The probably most important Thrash-milestone besides METALLICA's "Kill 'Em All" and SLAYER's "Reign In Blood" is doubtless the debut of the Bay Area legend EXODUS. A record like a dream, everything is perfect. Songs, lyrics (of course, very bloody and full of Satanism), the cover with the Siamese twins, even the sound fits perfectly, though the sound of course is not up-to-date.

The roaring vocals of Paul Baloff (R.I.P. my friend) wasn't everybody's taste but fitted perfectly to the EXODUS sound! Once even METALLICA's Kirk Hammet played at EXODUS, but I'm glad, that he joined the megasellers (what he couldn't know that time, of course). But in fact, the guitar duo Gary Holt/Rick Hunolt belongs to the very best of the whole Metal scene! Their aggressive and as well melodic riffs and soli are untouchable and are unmatched on "Bonded By Blood".

This album could never been matched by the band itself, were the vocals of Baloff successor Steve Souza (ex-LEGACY) the reason for that? In any case, the fans loved Paul and for many people, he was the only legitimated frontman of EXODUS. It's sad, that this man (he was pure Metal) has gone so early! It's a losing for the whole scene. I have no delight to describe every single song. They are fast, brutal and loud (hähähä) and have a special flair!

If you have never listened to this album, I advice you to do it, if you like Bay Area Thrash. Surely, there were also Gods like HEATHEN, DEATH ANGEL, BLIND ILLUSION or MEGADETH, but no album has such a cult status like "Bonded By Blood". (Online May 12, 2003)

Ralf Henn

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