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Runemagick - Resurrection In Blood (7/10) - Sweden - 2000

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 50:04
Band homepage: Runemagick


  1. Resurrection Of The Dark Lord
  2. Reborn In Necromancy >mp3
  3. Death Collector
  4. Dark Dead Earth
  5. Lord Of The Grave
  6. Choir Of Hades
  7. Resurrection In Blood >mp3
  8. Hall Death
  9. Dominion Of The Necrogods
  10. Demonstrosity
  11. The Gates Of Hades
  12. Return Of The Reaper
  13. Celebration Of Death
Runemagick - Resurrection In Blood

Nicklas Rudolfsson is back and with him RUNEMAGICK. Just like on the predecessor "Beyond The Realms Of Death" he did I almost single-handedly and just like there Death Metal reigns here.

Contrary to most other Death Metal-bands of a similar heaviness, RUNEMAGICK don't draw on speed-attacks or stuff like that, but on the great intensity and power of their sound, which reminds me of a stream of hot, molten lava crushing everything in its way.

"Reborn In Necromancy", "Hall Death" and especially "Demonstrosity" with its dark keyboards, are the tracks you should watch out for.

Biggest point of criticism surely are the uniform vocals, which are the same on each track, with no variation to either side.

Apart from this, "Resurrection In Blood" is a solid album, of nothing more.

Alexander Melzer

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