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Wetton, John - Rock Of Faith (7,5/10) - Great Britain - 2003

Genre: Melodic Rock
Label: Giant Electric Pea Limited
Playing time: 48:15
Band homepage: Wetton, John


  1. Mondrago
  2. Rock Of Faith
  3. A New Day
  4. I've Come To Take You Home
  5. Who Will Light A Candle?
  6. Nothing's Gonna Stand In Our Way
  7. Altro Mondo
  8. I Believe In You
  9. Take Me To The Waterline
  10. I Lay Down
  11. When You Were Young
Wetton, John - Rock Of Faith
Most people will connect the name of John Wetton to British pomp legends ASIA, which is true, but how many people actually know that he also pursued and still pursues a quite successful solo career as well? Thought so that not too many of you out there answer with yes… "Rock Of Faith" is the title of his latest effort, following up the trilogy "Battle Lines", "Arkangel" and "Sinister".

Contrary to ASIA you hardly find anything even remotely pompous in Wetton's solo sound, he rather pursues the direction of Art Rock, meaning emotional, at times almost fragile sounding compositions that see the guitars step down a notch or two here and there, which might not exactly cater to all fans of his original band (and some might even argue, if some songs contained on this album can be referred to as Rock at all, almost ironically, if you look at the word "rock" in the album title…).

Still the compositions have a certain mature class that still manages to take you into its grip by quality song writing alone, as tracks like "A New Day", "Nothing's Gonna Stand In Our Way" or "Take Me To The Waterline" prove to the listener. No need for any pomp or flashiness, just real and good songs…Sometimes less truly is more!

Further enhanced by a great, clear production courtesy of Wetton himself, Clive Nolan and Karl Groom, "Rock Of Faith" is a recommendation for everyone among you, who can also appreciate "light", good quality Rock music. (Online May 5, 2003)

Alexander Melzer

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