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66 tablatures for Cathedral

Cathedral - Endtyme (9/10) - Great Britain - 2001

Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Earache
Playing time: 63:37
Band homepage: Cathedral


  1. Cathedral Flames
  2. Melancholy Emperor
  3. Requiem For The Sun
  4. Whores To Oblivion
  5. Alchemist Of Sorrows
  6. Ultra-Earth
  7. Astral Queen
  8. Sea Serpent
  9. Templar's Arise
Cathedral - Endtyme

Dorrian and co. are back! As Lee has told in interviews before the release of this album, "Endtyme" marks their return to the moods and form of the legendary first album. Expect none of the lighthearted attitude or smooth grooves apparent on their previous outings.

Crushing, slow wall of sound, primitive and noisy yet monstrously powerful production, atmospheres straight from hell… This is the "Endtyme"! Standout tracks like the ball-breaking "Melancholy Emperor" and Space Rock-chugger "Whores To Oblivion" will leave you gasping for air with their sheer heaviness and brutality. Certain moments on this album even remind me soundwise of UK's ultra-Doom-gods ELECTRIC WIZARD, so expect no disco-grooves, baby!

The drawback of this album lies in the same direction as it's charm, sad to say. Over 60 minutes of aural assault makes this album a bit hard to consume at one listen, but hey, this is not music for people with short attention spans… The only track that feels somehow disappointing is the last one, the instrumental "Templars Arise", which seems a bit dragged out. But I have to admit to being totally sober listening to this, obviously the target audience of this one is those of you enjoying psychedelic drugs… All in all, a great album from the gods of Doom Metal, may they reign long and bring us more albums like this!

Guest Reviewer HemmoPerkele

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