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Heaven's Cry - Primal Power Addiction (8/10) - Canada - 2002

Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: DVS Records
Playing time: 51:14
Band homepage: Heaven's Cry


  1. 2k Awe Tick
  2. Masterdom's Profit
  3. A New Paradigm
  4. Divisions
  5. A Higher Moral Ground
  6. Komma
  7. Remembrance
  8. One Of Twenty Four
  9. Waves
  10. The Inner Stream Remains
  11. Beds Are Burning
Heaven's Cry - Primal Power Addiction
When I received a copy of "Primal Power Addiction", I was very eager to give it a listen, as I had never heard anything from these Canadian Progressive Metalers. Since many such bands end up re-hashing old ideas, I was curious to see if HEAVEN'S CRY would do the same.

After only hearing the first few notes of opener "2k Awe Tick", I was relieved to hear that HEAVEN'S CRY are not just another DREAM THEATER clone. Instead, "Primal Power Addiction" gives the listener eleven tracks of technical, yet somewhat poppy (and I don't mean that in a negative way) Progressive Metal. When I say poppy, I am mainly referring to the upbeat nature of the music. While I was not struck at first, I slowly began to appreciate this album after numerous listens. HEAVEN'S CRY are not the most accessible Progressive Metal band I have heard, but they do have a unique sound to them that keeps me wanting more. As you can see, I am trying my best to capture the music found on this album into words, but it is not an easy task.

Strange breaks, trippy (almost jazzy) moments can all be found on "Primal Power Addiciton". This is usually enough to turn off the more traditional Metalheads looking for something straightforward to bang their heads to, but for those looking for some very interesting and dynamic Progressive Metal, I would definitely recommend HEAVEN'S CRY. Those who have been frustrated by the complex, and often confusing nature of this style of metal in the past will most likely be uninterested by "Primal Power Addiciton". However, traditional Prog fans are more than likely to appreciate the unique nature of this release.

Now to the musicians. HEAVEN'S CRY demonstrate that they are no amateurs when it comes to this style of metal. Though many Progressive Metal bands fail in the vocal department, vocalist Sylvain Auclair does no such thing. While his vocals are not groundbreaking, they do succeed in fitting the complex nature of the songs. One of the nice things about this album is that the guitars, bass, drums and keyboards all blend together very nicely, without any one ever taking an overbearing role, like with many Progressive Metal bands.

If I have given you a distorted idea of what HEAVEN'S CRY sound like, I apologize, but if I have sparked an interest in you, do not hesitate to check out "Primal Power Addiciton". Trippy, poppy, jazzy, and funky; this album takes all of these things and throws them into a boiling pot of heavy metal. Like any good drug, this album takes time before it truly kicks in. Only then will you know what I am talking about. (Online May 19, 2003)

Nathanaël Larochette

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