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Bloodshed - Inhabitants Of Dis (8,5/10) - Sweden - 2002

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Code666
Playing time: 41:20
Band homepage: Bloodshed


  1. Death By Hanging
  2. Mark Of The Cursed
  3. Paradoxal Experience
  4. Release
  5. Dark Trace
  6. Kiss Of Cruelty
  7. Blood Music
  8. Deceit
  9. City Of Dis
  10. Doomsday Device
  11. Psychosomatic Revelation
Bloodshed - Inhabitants Of Dis
The second the download of my first BLOODSHED sample finished I went eagerly to my Winamp. I was blown away the split second it started. I browsed the site more and ended up downloading the rest of the samples they offered, but teeny bits and pieces simply weren't enough to keep me satisfied.

I could hardly contain myself when I received "Inhabitants Of Dis" in the mail a few weeks later. Rushing home I quickly put it into my CD player. If it were anything like the samples, I was really going to be in for one hell of an album. Needless to say, I was right. "Inhabitants Of Dis" is one hell of an album. The samples on their site aren't enough to do it any justice.

Being a huge fan of Black and Death Metal I was very impressed with the way BLOODSHED keenly combined the two genres together. Each track is extremely outstanding, with my two favourites being "Death By Hanging" and "Dark Trace". Tracks 4 and 8 consist of mellow passages, giving you little two minute breaks from the near constant insanity this album puts out. I know I definitely needed a rest from all of the head banging I found myself doing.

Bands come and go, but there's no doubt in my mind that BLOODSHED will be sticking around for quite awhile. (Online May 18, 2003)

Jennifer Richards

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