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Massacra - Apocalyptic Warriors Pt. 1 (8,5/10) - France - 2002

Genre: Death Metal / Thrash Metal
Label: Rusty Diamonds
Playing time: 57:22
Band homepage: -


  1. Evidence Of Abominations
  2. Defying Man's Creation
  3. Baptized In Decadence
  4. Mortify Their Flesh
  5. Traumatic Paralyzed Mind
  6. Excruciating Commands
  7. World Dies Screaming
  8. Signs Of The Decline
  9. Civilisation In Regression
  10. Full Frontal Assault
  11. Enjoy The Violence
  12. Ultimate Antichrist
  13. Gods Of Hate
  14. Atrocious Crimes
  15. Revealing Cruelty
Massacra - Apocalyptic Warriors Pt. 1
I'll bet this rerelease pissed off a lot of MASSACRA fans. I discovered many things during my research for this review. Firstly I discovered that this is a rerelease of classic MASSACRA material that I must admit I'd never previously heard of (unfortunately so as this is actually VERY good material) that has had a makeover which I must presume is for the worse. The cover art provided by Rusty Diamonds is absolutely horrible and the actual cover on the back is of such a cheap quality that fans looking for this should be disgusted at what they receive.

From what I gather the original MASSACRA albums "Final Holocaust", "Enjoy The Violence" and "Signs Of The Decline" are much sought after by many completists and fans. For those people who want the material and don't care about the presentation this is your lucky day as "Apocalyptic Warriors Pt.1" contains the entire "Signs Of The Decline" album as well as the first five tracks from "Enjoy The Voilence". This album is also (thankfully) being sold at quite a reasonable price so visit the label's website if you're interested.

Despite all this label bullshit the music is actually very impressive and the sound is fantastic considering it was recorded so long ago (1990 as far as I know). The material is very much in the vein of early "Beneath The Remains" era SEPULTURA only with the addition of a little more crunch and a much more brutal vocal styling.

The last five songs come from the "Enjoy The Violence" album and at first listen appear to be slightly more tremolo strummed Death Metal orientated and a little less powerful in the production. The material however is just like the previous 10 tracks in its quality and doesn't fail to impress as it is still very similar with only minute differences.

This release is full of good groove filled catchy riffing mixed with nice brutal elements, great solos and some great drumming. Definitely recommended for fans of the style and for those searching for the early MASSACRA works. (Online May 21, 2003)

Niall Kennedy

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