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Ashen Light - In Accomplice Suffering: Conviction Is Hell (7,5/10) - Russia - 2003

Genre: Black Metal
Label: More Hate Production
Playing time: 33:21
Band homepage: Ashen Light


  1. V Sostradanyi K Otverzhennim... (In Accomplice Suffering…)
  2. Blashyrkh (Mighty Ravendark)
  3. Tanets Smerti (Dancing Death)
  4. The Hordes of Nebulah
  5. Deathcrush
  6. Transilvanian Hunger
  7. Bezmolviye Mogil... (Grave silence)
Ashen Light - In Accomplice Suffering: Conviction Is Hell
Russia's best return with their fourth release which contains 4 cover songs and 3 new songs. I wish it were all new songs because I'm not too crazy about the songs they decided to re-record. Well, besides "Transilvanian Hunger." Anybody can do that song and it'll still sound awesome! Anyway, the album starts with my favourite song which also happens to be the title track. It's the true ASHEN LIGHT from their "Pesn' Velesa" days, meaning thin guitars, grim vocals, and a truly melodic experience. Little changes can be noticed as well, like the guitars aren't quite as thin sounding as before and the vocals are a little deeper and less screechy.

The song is then followed by one of IMMORTAL's "hit songs," "Blashyrkh." It's hard to tell which version sounds better since I'm not a big fan of IMMORTAL - or any of the other bands they covered. (Again, besides DARKTHRONE's "Transilvanian Hunger," which happens to be one of the best songs ever written.) Next up is another new song that sounds pretty slow, but what makes it interesting is the catchy piercing sound of the guitars. The good overall production of the album makes it possible for me to enjoy the guitars. After three more cover songs (if you're a fan of Black Metal, you'll know who did the originals), it's time for the last of the new songs, "Grave Silence." It's a slow, atmospheric, and slightly Doom-sounding song. Again, the piercing thin guitars make it worth listening to.

As I've said before, "In Accomplice Suffering" would be a better album if it contained all new songs. Even if the songs were in the vein of their "Stary Bilini/Slavenskie Vechera" album, I would still enjoy it because it's the true ASHEN LIGHT. But then again, this one's still mostly ASHEN LIGHT. Especially that wicked album cover! Hehe. (Online May 20, 2003)

Ryan Cariaso

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