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Unbound - ...In Infinity (6/10) - Germany - 2000

Genre: Metalcore
Label: Premium
Playing time: 53:28
Band homepage: Unbound


  1. Time Is Gone
  2. Unbound
  3. Invisible Forces
  4. When Bones Crack
  5. Transformation
  6. Bleed Out
  7. Children Of The Revolution
  8. Grace For The Damned
  9. Pain-collector
  10. Life's A Scar
  11. Experience
  12. Strength Of Life
Unbound - ...In Infinity
"...In Infinity" is the debut of UNBOUND and they didn't make it easy for me.

An usual vocalist you have to get used to and then the band also plays a mixture of Metal, Doom and Hardcore. Not exactly my cup of tea, but the sound is very good and the longer you listen to the album, the more access you gain to the slow-paced melodies. There are no speed-records broken here, but the groovy riffs slowly drill their way into your brain.

My personal highlight is the re-interpretation of the T.REX-classic "Children Of The Revolution", which is dismembered without any respect and is reassembled in the typical doomy UNBOUND-manner. I cannot say much about the band, because I didn't get any info (sorry, my fault! - Alex).

As the songs are not very varied, I con't listen to the whole album in the given order, but for that my player has a random-play-function.

Manuel Inhester

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