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Lullacry - Be My God (6/10) - Finland - 2001

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Spinefarm
Playing time: ??:??
Band homepage: Lullacry


  1. Embrace Me
  2. Be My God
  3. Without The Dreamer
  4. Into Your Heart
  5. Trust
  6. Pain, Walk With Me
  7. I Don't Mind
  8. Damn You
  9. Bonfires Of Time
  10. Thorn Of The Rose
  11. Firequeen
Lullacry - Be My God

I receive the second album from Finland's LULLACRY with mixed emotions. This was a really anticipated album in my neck of woods, but I have to admit to being a bit disappointed with this one. I really liked their debut CD "Sweet Desire" in 1999, with big melodies, good songs and the powerful vocals of Tanya. The thing missing on their second one is the good songs part, I'm sad to say.

The slick production also takes some of the power away, and a kind of…laziness marks the whole album. There are really good tracks here, like "Pain, Walk With Me" and the hit song "Without The Dreamer", but the album just seems to lack substance. I am not happy to be so negative about this album, as I know how good this band can be, especially in a live situation. Again, the biggest plusses on this record are Tanya's powerful and seducing vocals, tight and innovative guitarwork and cool melodies.

Listen to it before you buy it, it's not bad, but I just expected more…

Guest Reviewer HemmoPerkele

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