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Darzamat - Oniriad (4/10) - Poland - 2003

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Wounded Love
Playing time: 42:08
Band homepage: Darzamat


  1. Into The Abyss Of Forgotten Woods
  2. The Longest Journey
  3. Nameless
  4. Beauty
  5. Time
  6. Moon Has Imprisoned Me In Her Shrine
  7. When The Dreams Died
  8. Elegy
  9. Soporific
Darzamat - Oniriad
Until now, DARZAMAT were sure a Gothic band, but they had a slight tendency to include some slight Black Metal touches in their music. How have they evolved since "In The Opium Of Black Veil"? Well, they haven't gotten closer to DARKTHRONE, but mostly closer to PENUMBRA and co. Those Polish youngsters play then fat Gothic music, not really original, and quite common, with orchestration (on keyboards of course), very sweet and super melancholic female vocals, and guitars in the background.

As long as the female teenagers don't get scared… When you first listen to "Oniriad", everything's quite ok. But the more you play it, the less you like it. Maybe is it due to the very average quality of the male vocals, closer to some kind of Punk missing his daily dose than to a big cavern bear?

Or maybe because some tracks are really not inspired, just like "Beauty" (the perfect soundtrack for a Derrick episode), or "Time" and its awful rhythm? Anyway, a very common album, that won't kick your ass. (Online May 22, 2003)

Thomas Bonnicel

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