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FragileHollow - Effete Mind (8,5/10) - Finland - 2003

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Avantgarde Music
Playing time: 74:00
Band homepage: FragileHollow


  1. I Am Not You
  2. Fragile Hollow
  3. Disgusting
  4. Come Undone
  5. I Don't Believe In Love
  6. Have You Seen A Girl?
  7. Dirty
  8. Confusion
  9. Donna Gentile
  10. Are We Through?
  11. Leaving You
  12. I Am Sorry
FragileHollow - Effete Mind
What kind of Metal could play a bunch of young clean Finns wearing very large jeans like in the 60's ? If you answer 'Love Metal', then you won! I will also accept 'Gothic Metal' as an answer… but all those who've answered pure bullshit to that easy one will get a strong punishment and be forced to listen to our beloved Jennifer Lopez!

Anyway, FRAGILEHOLLOW play then some kind of not so virile Metal, that will certainly get some underpants very wet. But they're way more credible than all the bands like H.I.M and so on, simply because their tracks are very well done and played, and not that commercial after all. The guitars will very often make you think of some good old KATATONIA, and in fact, only the keyboards are 'love', as well as the ANATHEMA-ish voice.

But here's all in all an album that even a true evil Black Metaller like me will be able to listen to without being called a fag (if some would dare, my vengeance would be terrible anyway!). Only one reproach: the thing à la TO/DIE/FOR at the end of the record is pretty boring, because playing the same (good) riff for about thirty minutes is a pain in the ass! (Online May 23, 2003)

Thomas Bonnicel

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