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Strommoussheld - Behind The Curtain (9/10) - Poland - 2003

Genre: Dark Industrial
Label: Avantgarde Music
Playing time: 60:30
Band homepage: Strommoussheld


  1. First Pledge - Mertradoetr
  2. La Masquerade
  3. Faust's Dream [In The Theatre Of Dejavous]
  4. Crying Roses
  5. Materia Of Depression
  6. D.E.C.E.P.T.I.O.N
  7. Restless Souls [Heautontimoroumenos]
  8. _Solar Scream
  9. Last Pledge - Waiting For…?
Strommoussheld - Behind The Curtain
Greeted with a piano, soft murmuring, sporadic drums and assorted little sounds, you're invited into the world of STROMMOUSSHELD. By the time the spoken male and female part begins, you know one thing. You don't know what this is going to be about.

Once "La Masquerade" kicks off, you come face to face with more whispering, followed by the a wall of distorted guitars and industrial drums that you knew were looming overhead. The whole is topped off with haunting female vocals and samples. STROMMOUSSHELD manage to create a captivating mix of Avant-garde and Industrial. Once things become clearer and you begin to realize where you are, things begin to present themselves to. At first they're only glimpses, but as time goes on they become more distinguishable, identifying themselves to you.

"Behind The Curtain" is not without its flaws however, as STROMMOUSSHELD seem to back off at certain points, and then the music loses any sense of originality it has and simply becomes mundane. The beginning of "Faust's Dream (In The Theatre Of Dejavous)" resembles more self-parody than a serious Avant-garde, especially when the bass line comes in. Since this kind of music helps create a mood, passages that are misplaced tend to damage a CD more than it would any other.

STROMMOUSSHELD manage to overcome any minor mishaps that occur to envelope you into their world. Their greatest strength lays in the fact that they know exactly how much of different elements are needed. Nothing seems overused, and nothing seems like it was thrown in randomly. They also never become too bizarre, which, while for me is also slightly disappointing, it will help the more casual listener appreciate "Behind The Curtain."

STROMMOUSSHELD present just enough creepiness to have you sit and wonder, but the trip is more than worth it. (Online July 3, 2003)

Mark McKenna

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