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Under Moonlight Sadness - After The Cosmic Gate (8/10) - Mexico - 2000

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Oz Productions
Playing time: 67:14
Band homepage: -


  1. In The Gloomy's Hemisphere
  2. Arrival Over Crystal Ground
  3. Dying Moon
  4. Behind This Tears (After The Mourning)
  5. Ancient Rythms
  6. Reflections In A Dark Mirror
  7. Millennium Of Red Light
  8. Minds Beyond Fear
  9. ...
  10. Lost In Silence
  11. Die andere Welt
  12. Slavery Parameters
  13. From Nadir To Zenit
  14. Eclipse Sons
  15. Cosmos Concept Farther Intellect:

  16. - Chapter I: Mist
    - Chapter II: Cosmic Genetics
    - Chapter III: Astral Culture
  17. Meztli
  18. Anthems Of Misanthropy
Under Moonlight Sadness - After The Cosmic Gate
Where are those guys from? Mexico? Wow! So far I only had heard REGURGITATE and their super-brutal Death Metal made my ears want to shut down, but this here is different, very different...

The sextet combines Death Metal (mostly vocally) with very, very variable music, using different vocal styles (clear, deathy, almost reaching Black Metal) to create different moods. The Mexicans also vary tempo, heaviness and structure within their songs, but never losing the red line, the compositions always remain harmonic and accessible, the keyboards, too, are used only for the good of the song.

Within this the band computes influences of many different Metal-styles and sometimes you'll also find some Folk-induced melodies. The songs are connected by many interludes (hence the number of 17 songs), which give the album some sort of flow and somehow I cannot shake off the feeling that "After The Cosmic Gate" is a concept-album...

Musically you should check out the great "Dying Moon", "Minds Beyond Fear" and the three-chapter "Cosmos Concept Further Intellect", which all cover almost all moods between double-bass-driven and aggressive to very calm and emotional, underlining the bandwidth of UNDER MOONLIGHT SADNESS!

Extremely variable, with very well thought-through structures and arrangements, but always accessible, this could be the resumé for "After The Cosmic Gate", who likes demanding, but always dynamic and flowing music and can deal with heavier passages should give UNDER MOONLIGHT SADNESS a very well deserved chance!

Alexander Melzer

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