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Suidakra - The Arcanum (9/10) - Germany - 2000

Genre: Folk / Black Metal
Label: Serenades
Playing time: 41:32
Band homepage: Suidakra


  1. Wartunes
  2. To Rest In Silence
  3. Dragonbreed
  4. Rise Of Taliesin
  5. Last Fortress
  6. Gates Of Nevermore
  7. Serenade To A Dream
  8. The Arcane Spell
  9. The One Piece Puzzle
Suidakra - The Arcanum

I am able to follow the career of SUIDAKRA ever since their self-produced debut "Lupine Essence" and each album shows their staggering evolution. I dare to claim that there are only very, very few German bands of this style that sound so mature, so good!

"Wartunes", the opener of "The Arcanum" impressively showcases the incredible potential of this band: Black Metal with a big list towards Heavy Metal, with Blackish and clean vocals, great! Following this they vary a lot in tempo, weave folky melodies into their sound as if they belonged there and mix Black with Heavy, Heavy with Death and the other way around again, firing one highlight after the other ("To Rest In Silence", "The Arcane Spell").

And if that was not enough already, the end is made up by a great cover-version of SKYCLAD's "The One Piece Puzzle", enriched with electric guitars.

So, who still denies SUIDAKRA their place in the top flight of German Heavy Metal and says that they have no potential should go to the doctors to check his ears, because only very few German bands have their class. 'Nuff said!

Alexander Melzer

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