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Litham - Dhal Ennar (7/10) - Algeria - 2001

Genre: Progressive Death Metal
Label: Lelahel
Playing time: 38:29
Band homepage: Litham


  1. Ila Youm Eddine
  2. Secrets
  3. El Djamra
  4. Elixir
  5. Empire Of Ibliss
  6. L'Khahf
  7. Chapter XIII
  8. El Litham
Litham - Dhal Ennar
This is something that I truly never had even thought would exist: Heavy Metal from Algeria! Yes, you have read correctly, LITHAM hail from the islamist country of Algeria and they are offering us eight tracks of kind of progressive Death Metal with some oriental/Arabic influences in their music.

When I had first read about this band I was thinking about how they could sound and even more, what kind of production could await me and it was not exactly all too nice thoughts that came to my mind, but "Dhal Ennar" does not have a stellar production by any means, but looking at the fact that this is absolutely self financed and all, the production, if you put up the volume enough, is quite good.

Also the style, as mentioned above, is interesting, very well played for sure and also really original, especially due to the Arabic rhythms that give the LITHAM sound a quite unique touch. Vocally we mostly get quite harsh (but never too guttural) Death Metal vocals along with some nice clean vocals, which are used to very good effect.

To pick out single songs is difficult, in that case LITHAM remind me quite a bit of Pakistan's DUSK, but "El Djamra", "Elixir" and the band hymn "El Litham" are the ones that I would point out especially to all people, who are not afraid to try this band and something unusual altogether.

At first listen, I have to "warn" you, LITHAM could sound a bit weird and uncohesive in their sound, but this is music that you have to give time and let soak in, so that you can discover the details and I guess that also the unusual rhythms that we get here play a part in the sound not being as accessible as other bands. But for that you get something really unique and hey, Metal in Algeria HAS to be supported in any way! (Online May 13, 2003)

Alexander Melzer

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