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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - GAMMA RAY - Somewhere Out In Space

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Gamma Ray - Somewhere Out In Space (9/10) - Germany - 1997

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Noise Records
Playing time: 63:40
Band homepage: Gamma Ray


  1. Beyond The Black Hole
  2. Men, Martians And Machines
  3. No Stranger (Another Day In Life)
  4. Somewhere Out In Space
  5. The Guardians Of Mankind
  6. The Landing
  7. Valley Of The Kings
  8. Pray
  9. The Winged Horse
  10. Cosmic Chaos
  11. Lost In The Future
  12. Watcher In The Sky
  13. Rising Star
  14. Shine On
Gamma Ray - Somewhere Out In Space
When God was handing out talent, I sure wish I could have slid in line in front of Kai Hansen. Some other fucker would be writing this story of how I started this wicked Power Metal band in the 80's and then when things were not quite tickity-boo, I left and said shiiiit, I can do that again. Corey Nelson, co-founder of the mighty WEENIES, leader of the great GAMMA RAY. Oh and when I'm not too busy, special guest with other bands and even join a second band (IRON SAVIOR). Yeah, I could deal with that shit.

Man, these guys shred. They write some of the classiest and most powerful Power Metal in the universe I'd say. In troo Metal fashion, they fly out of the gates with a wicked blastorama, "Beyond The Black Hole". It carries on with one of those GAMMA RAY signature choruses built around melody and harmony. I think these guys may have heard a little QUEEN growing up. Also present in this song and most after it is the characteristic chunky rhythm guitar sound. Ahhhhh! When they unleash the beast at 4:00 into this first track, I can't help but giggle with content. If you got this CD, check it out…you'll know where I'm coming from.

On and on we go with the quality tunes. I like the title track with its intense drum beat, righteous riffs and again those choruses, wow! "The Landing" is a short song with much spoken word about aliens coming for us. Nice to see them do something different…it's cool. It leads nicely into "The Valley Of The Kings" which sees Kai trading vocal lines with himself. Very cool effect, especially on headphones…check this out too. "Lost In The Future" is a pretty aggressive song which includes a short "O Suzanna" section in the middle that surprisingly fits quite well. Piet Sielck of IRON SAVIOR is present in the IRON SAVIOR track "Watcher In The Sky" which is co-written with Hansen…he and Kai share the vox here and it is pretty deadly. You can hear it on the self-titled IRON SAVIOR CD too.

So what more can I say, Kai is a god, yes. He also has a great band supporting him. Hansen and Dirk Schlächter produce the opus and I can't send any criticisms their way. The CD comes with a well-detailed booklet and a nice cover painting by one Kristian Huitula.

While not quite the platter its predecessor "Land Of The Free" was, it is definitely not trailing by much. It's maybe a hair short of the stellar release that would have occurred if I would have been in God's talent lineup that day but that's just something that we'll never know...hehe. I'm glad Kai used that talent God gave him to rock our world. (Online June 1, 2003)

Corey Nelson

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