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Lehavoth - Hatred Shaped Man (7/10) - Israel - 2003

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Fadeless Records
Playing time: 29:53
Band homepage: Lehavoth


  1. Caterpillar
  2. Ghost Nation
  3. Non Civilized
  4. 2nd Practice
  5. Iconoclastic
  6. Reptile
  7. Rodents Among Us
  8. Hatred Shaped Man
  9. Stroming Thy Earth
  10. Burning The Seeds
  11. Non Civilized (video)
Lehavoth - Hatred Shaped Man
While far from perfect, LAHAVOTH have crafted quite the enjoyable album, and seeing how this I just the young band's first album, they show great potential. They mix Death Metal with some industrialized tinges, especially when it comes to the drums.

The opening track sucks you in immediately with it's great hooks, and throws riff after riff at you, and this continues throughout the disc. The only problem is the spaces between these great riffs. Ideally, there'd be more great riffs! Worse case scenario there'd be mediocre passages. Here unfortunately, these parts border on mundane, or simply unoriginal. Some of the parts on this CD I've heard so many times before it makes me just want to turn it off. They pass quickly enough though, and things pick up again, and my head is bobbing the beat in no time.

The other problem with this disc is an issue I raised with my MORGUE review, and that was being heavy for the sake of being heavy. There are only certain circumstances where that can work; when you do it for innovation, or you do it to be the most extreme. While it seems that that's what LEGAVOTH were going for on certain parts, at least that's the vibe I get, they miss the mark on this. While still heavier than a good percentage of what's out there, it's not the heaviest out there. Some passages on this come off as trying to hard to be more extreme than what actually comes out, and it just sounds wrong.

To their advantage, though, I'd be hard pressed to point out a single bad song, as more often than not what you're hearing is quite good, and even impressive. Most of the time the punches are put in the right place, and often enough to outweigh any bad elements you might come across to make sure you keep listening.

Seeing how this is just their debut it still comes off as impressive, and I have high expectations for the follow up. (Online August 8, 2003)

Mark McKenna

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