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50 tablatures for Lake Of Tears

Lake Of Tears - Greater Art (5/10) - Sweden - 1994

Genre: Doom Metal / Death Metal
Label: Black Mark
Playing time: 34:46
Band homepage: Lake Of Tears


  1. Under The Crescent
  2. Eyes Of The Sky
  3. Upon The Highest Mountain
  4. As Daylight Yields
  5. Greater Art
  6. Evil Inside
  7. Netherworld
  8. Tears
Lake Of Tears - Greater Art
I'm not sure what to call this - it's not quite Death Metal, and it's not quite Doom Metal…maybe Doomy-Death Metal? Two things I know for sure are the vocals suck and the music shows flashes of brilliance. But flashes aren't good enough to rescue this debut album from this Swedish quartet. The flashes of brilliance are mainly presented by the up-tempo music and lead guitar solos which occur only scarcely between the slow and agonizing gloom. Most of the album is filled with slow Doom guitars and Daniel Brennare's half growl, half clean, purely irritating vocals. I think he knows what he wants to sound like except he doesn't have the proper vocal cords to execute the desired sound. The guitars are pretty heavy and melodic, but just too slow for my liking. No wonder I find the best song on the album to be "As Daylight Yields." It's the most energetic song and it's not as slow as the rest. I also like how the decent production makes the guitars sound fat and a little distorted.

The lyrics tackle many subjects of fantasy, from gods and demons to dreams and nature. It's mildly interesting and somewhat well-written. The music is catchy at times, but I just wish they'd speed it up a bit. And as I've mentioned earlier, the vocals sound terrible. (Online June 3, 2003)

Ryan Cariaso

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