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Valdés, David - Paradise Lost (6,5/10) - Spain - 2002

Genre: Instrumental Metal
Label: Heaven Cross Records
Playing time: 55:18
Band homepage: -


  1. Paradise Lost
  2. Legend
  3. An Old History
  4. Time Up!
  5. Fall Angel
  6. My Enchanted Forest
  7. The Lord Of Fire
  8. Bwv 1046 Adagio
  9. Hidden Minds
  10. Eternal Dream
  11. Cacophony
Valdés, David - Paradise Lost
Hm… Somebody left a door open? Theodore Ziras has just left my player and now David Valdés from Spain has moved in… Also a solo guitarist without any vocals, using quite some classical influences in his songs, so another one of those? Not again!

But hold… David has something that rather touches something within me (now don't start asking what, I could not tell you), more than most other guitar heroes out there. Ok, without a doubt, the guy can play like the devil was behind him, but contrary to others, who program their drums, David actually played them himself, which is quite impressive as he does them flawless, too.

Also the compositions do not just mostly rely on classical scales and passages, but he actually does real songs, which still lack the use of vocals, making the 55 minutes of "Paradise Lost" a bit long after all still, at least to me, as non musician.

Still, David Valdés has some touch that can also appeal to people, who normally are not into instrumental music, it is a matter of mood and your general attitude towards those, at least I can say as much as that he is not another pure scale climber and that is good! (Online May 21, 2003)

Alexander Melzer

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