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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - KILLING SEASON - Reign In The New Season

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Killing Season - Reign In The New Season (4,5/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: Modern Rock
Label: Authority X
Playing time: 41:13
Band homepage: -


  1. Reign In The New Season
  2. Pierce
  3. Breathe In My Skin
  4. Drugs In The Air
  5. Bed Of Nails
  6. Simply Fading
  7. Long Day Coming
  8. Dust
  9. Diamonds And Rust
  10. Low
Killing Season - Reign In The New Season
Ok, "Reign In The New Season", the intro, is an almost perfect example for my thread in the forum about the sense and non-sense of intros. This one is pointless to say the least, so why…

Alright, that aside let's go to the music and that one is, ehm, well, not all that usual, let's put it like that. What is audible right from the start and with that the first (big) minus (apart from the intro) is the extremely obvious use of a drum machine. If it is well done and implemented, I have got no problems at all, I mean, good drummers are not all that easy to find, but in this case it just annoys the crap out of me, from the very beginning already, not the best possible start for sure.

I had read somewhere that KILLING SEASON were a mix of Nu-Metal and Hard Rock, which is not completely off, as you can basically find elements of these two genres in the songs of this American trio. Now I am not exactly a fan of Nu-Metal, but like Hard Rock quite a bit on the other hand. Now to try to merge them is not a bad idea altogether, but despite some really good ideas and melodies that could just as well come from a traditional American Rock act, "Reign In The New Season" still falls flat in my opinion.

Why? Well, for one the modern elements do not really fit with the traditional ones, something does not fully go together here. You know Lego? Well, just imagine that you try to build a regular square house, but the pieces you have always are just one bit too long or too short, so it looks a bit funny and does not really work out? That is what "Reign In The New Season" reminds me of. Then next off the production, which is in that case very closely connected to the use of the drum machine. Everything sounds very blood and lifeless, also because the drum machine is a bit too high pitched and loud in the mix, at times drowning out the guitars, which are quite low in return. And the drum machine itself, well, I already had pounded away on that one… Also the cover version of JUDAS PRIEST's "Diamonds And Rust" does not do much good anymore…

So to come to an end, imagine that KILLING SEASON are participating in a long jump competition. Everything is set, the last and decisive try. They run and just in the moment that they try to jump off, their feet touch and they fall flat on the nose without even reaching the sand. Imagine this and you have "Reign In The New Season", an album with good ideas and a good intention, but ultimately not getting anywhere… (Online May 23, 2003)

Alexander Melzer

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