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Time Machine - Eternity Ends (8/10) - Italy - 1998

Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Lucretia Records
Playing time: 55:30
Band homepage: Time Machine


  1. End Of Darkness
  2. Falling Star
  3. I, The Subversive Nazarene
  4. Hidden Pain
  5. Eternity Ends
  6. I Believe Again
  7. Desert Of Souls
  8. Behind The Cross
  9. Sphinx (The Witness)
  10. When The Night Surrounds Me
  11. Pilatus
  12. Dark Again
Time Machine - Eternity Ends
Apart from the Italian godfathers ADRAMELCH I am sure that it is absolutely justified to call TIME MACHINE THE Italian Progressive Rock/Metal band. With a whole bunch of releases (that I think I have all by now) they deliver high quality compositions every single time and "Eternity Ends" is no exception to this rule. Released in 1998 it is the second full length album after the excellent "Act II: Galileo" and successfully continued the path set by the preceding releases.

The band around bassist Lorenzo Deho' still is walking the fine line between Progressive Rock and Progressive Metal, delivering us mature compositions, demanding, yet always very accessible, cleverly varying heaviness and also intensity, thus creating a very dynamic album, which's moods and atmosphere are continuously shifting, yet forming a complete and cohesive whole, which is amazing.

Almost fragile, slow paced passages go hand in hand with some Progressive Metal, meaning crunchy guitars and all (as in "Desert Of Souls"), yet the atmosphere and the conveyed feeling always is in the foreground with TIME MACHINE, not created by symphonic keyboards or anything, but the compositions as a whole ooze with it, engaging the listener to actively listen to the songs without feeling urged, to be taken away by the sheer flow of the songs, as the title track "Eternity Ends" masterfully displays with its compelling melody and the effective arrangement.

Even in the more complex passages the Italians never overtax the listener, so you do not have to be a die hard Prog fan to enjoy TIME MACHINE, for they hold enough accessibility to appeal to Melodic Rock and Melodic Metal fans just as much as Proggers, with this not sitting between the chairs and falling through, but greatly combining the genres with each other, also using some saxophone here and there for accentuation.

Overall "Eternity Ends" is a little masterpiece of Progressive Rock with Prog Metal influences, a CD to sit, relax and listen, an album that you truly can experience, recommended to all mentioned fans! (Online May 28, 2003)

Alexander Melzer

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